Consistent with past years, Ames has secured permission from Turbo Tax to make the use of their software at Ames FREE to anyone who wants to come in and use it. We typically have about eight to ten families who do this and would love to see that number be even bigger. Most people take about one to two hours to complete all of their taxes by answering simple questions on the computer, in much the same way you would if you were paying a tax specialist to ask the questions and make the inputs on your behalf. The big difference is this is free at Ames. To take advantage of this program, simply call the church office to schedule a time. When coming in for your appointment, please have all tax-related documents with you such as your W-2’s, giving statements, investment statements, interest statements, vehicle registration receipts, child care receipts, etc. NOTE: Ames just provides the free use of the software and does not claim to be tax specialists in any way and therefore, is not responsible for how you fill out your taxes. Also note, that if you want your tax information to be confidential, be prepared to e-mail the final document to yourself or save it to a flash drive before deleting the docu-ment from the shared church computer. Thank you.

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