Sharlee, pictured right, received a computer tower with 2.5 GHz of ram that should be fast enough to help her start online schooling with the University of Phoenix next semester. Sharlee’s computer was just one of 12 that God gave away through Ames’ Drive Ministry this past week! Sharlee is already an on-fire Christian from Daniel’s Den Church, while other recipients made commitments to Christ and two families even attended Ames for the first time last Sunday through this ministry. Thank you for the donations! Praise the Lord!
A group of SVSU students (below) helped winterize the Community Garden, work on computers and work on bikes at Ames recently. While they were helping, they saw people from the community com-ing to get much-needed food from the garden. They also got to witness bike #200 being given away, with the recipient sharing that the bike was literally saving his job. The college students appreciated getting to be a part of the excitement and said they now know how to fix their own computers if they ever have issues. Jesse Karls got to have a nice time of prayer with the college students on a couple of occasions throughout the day. God is good. Thank you, SVSU.

Drive and Ride2

Drive and Ride

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