Click on the movie poster to see the movie trailer. By God’s grace, a full length Christian movie was made through Ames in partnership with others in the community.  Ames is currently giving the DVD (packed with extra features and of course, the feature film) to non-profit organizations for FREE with permission to show the movie for FREE.  If interested, please contact the church at (989) 754-6373.  An authorized representative from the non-profit organization needs to fill out a short release to receive their FREE copy of the film.

SUMMARY OF STORY:  Jackie is a single mom struggling to make ends meet while raising her two teenaged boys. Her oldest son, Eric, seems bent on doing things the wrong way. A local street “merchant”, Trigger, has sold him a bag of goods that his mother can’t compete with. “In the valley”, the right way seems wrong sometimes, and the wrong way . . . well, it’s too good to be true. Filmed in Saginaw, MI. FREE to non-profit organizations through Ames United Methodist Church.


NOTE:  Individuals wanting to purchase the DVD cannot do so through Ames.  These questions should be directed to .  Thank you.

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