Pig Fest 2013 - 27

We have some conflicts with our dates for the Neighborhood Festival that we normally hold in July. We would like to have meeting from 5:30 pm – 6 pm on Tuesday, April 22 at the church to pray and discuss these issues. We have some conflicts with the date we had picked and some problems with other possible dates. We would like to sense the Lord’s leading ast to what we should do and discuss the possibilities and come to a decision. Please join us if you can, and invite anyone else who may be interested. If you are interested in participating and cannot come on Tuesday, please email me your thoughts (cathycampbell10@gmail.com) or call me at 792-6725.

Male Vocalists

The Gospel Choir is losing a certain LOUDLY VOCAL BUT WONDERFUL male choir member in June. It will take at least 3 to replace him. If you are a confident singer, have been complimented on your singing voice, don’t cause the neighborhood dogs to HOWL, then WE NEED YOU. Of course,
female singers are welcome to join too. Our next practice is this
Saturday, April 19, at 3:30 pm Come and sing with us.


If you would like to volunteer for the Habitat For Humanity work projects this year, please see Susan Martinez in the lobby after the service. She has dates for the sites and volunteer forms.


Saturday, May 17

This time of year when you’re cleaning out the garage, attic, basement and closets, please consider donating your household items to the Women’s Spring Bazaar sale.  They take everything except clothes:  glass ware, furniture, tools, kid’s toys, puzzles, books, jewelry, bedding, etc.

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