I am responding about our commitment to Ames as a member and the vow I made when joined to support this church. It was and still is a vow that I will keep because I love the Lord and I want to please Him. A tithe is a tithe and the only way I can raise my tithe is to increase my in-come. I believe every leader must at least pay a tithe in or-der to be an example to the rest of the congregation. Any-thing above the tithe is an offering and we are called in God’s Word to offer up a sacrifice to God. Sometimes we give sacrificially above our tithe, but that’s when we are blessed because we can’t out-give God. I say all this be-cause I agree we as believers need to be totally committed to supporting the ministry of Ames Church. I am so proud to be a part of this church and I count it a privilege to sup-port Ames with my tithe and offerings.


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