Electronic Giving

Are you always scrambling to fill out a check before the ushers pass the plate down your row? Do you forget your giving envelope every other Sunday? There is a way to give faithfully to Ames Church each week or month without having to prepare the envelope each time.
Electronic giving is an automatic transfer pro-gram which allows you to make contributions without writ-ing checks. It saves time. It helps the church stabilize its budget when you contribute this way.
It’s easy. Pick up an authorization form (located on the usher’s table in the upper lobby), fill it out and mail or bring it to the church office along with a voided/canceled check. I will input your information into a secure web site and your authorized contributions are electroni-cally transferred directly from your checking or savings account to the church’s account. You state directly on the form how much you want to contribute and how often. There is no cost to you and you can cancel or change it at any time by notifying the church office.
If you have further questions regarding electronic giving, please call the office at 754-6373 and I will pro-vide the answers.

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