We want to advertise that the Member Care team is looking for five people from each service to join them to help with behind-the-scenes support of Ames members, but this group is so new, their responsibilities are not yet clearly defined. Yes, they sponsored a movie night and an ice cream social last year and they got people to share their birthday and anniversaries dates with the church. But there is so much more care they might pro-vide for our members…like an extended family would.
So who in the congregation really knows a lot of peo-ple well? Who sits on the same side of the sanctuary as you do and always makes you feel like you are “family” to them? These are the ones we would like to encour-age to step forward and help develop this new team. If you or someone you know fits this description, please contact Lynn Newkirk, our Congregational Care Coordi-nator (928-7910).

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