When you stood before this congregation pre-paring to join us in membership, you were asked this question:
“As members of this congregation, will you faithfully participate in its ministries by your prayers, your presence, your gifts and your ser-vice?” And you replied, “I will.”
Each fall we ask you to respond to this call when we ask you to state what you are willing to give during the next year. Last fall we focused on getting 100% of the congregation to turn in an estimate of giving card. We didn’t make 100%, but we received the most cards we’ve received in the past decade or more. This year we have changed the theme of the card to “Commitment.” We are asking you to commit to giving finan-cially, praying faithfully and choosing an area in which to serve next year. We encourage and challenge you to take a bolder stand in your faith and in the church.

Will you…
–raise the percentage of giving to a tithe (or
more if you already tithe)
–attend more faithfully
–sign up to serve in one of our various
–give beyond your tithe with an
Offering to the Building Fund
Commitment cards are available (for each per-son) each week and will be collected on Sunday, November 16. Thank you.

–Lauren Frey and the Finance


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