Sermon Series:
“Characters of the Bible”

  • September 1 (Labor Day Sunday) “Matthew: The Party Planner” Luke 5:27-32 We know a lot about Mat-thew’s book, but not so much about Matthew. We are ending our summer sermon series on Bible Characters by looking at the personal lives of some of the Gospel writers, and the unique perspective each one brings to the life of Jesus.
  • September 8 “Mark: The Reluctant Evangelist” Acts 15:36-41 The Billy Graham evangelism project coming in November is something I suspect that many church people would be natu-rally reluctant to participate in. The second Gospel writer (Mark) reluc-tantly became Paul’s missionary part-ner only to fail miserably and dessert the ministry. We all know that the mission of leading people to Jesus is of highest
    importance. But what if you’re not cut out to do that sort of thing?
  • September 15 I have invited Christine List, mother of Alina Doud and high school classmate of mine, to share about her recent missions trip to children in Southeast Asia.

New Sermon Series
“How To Give Away Your Faith”

  • September 22 “Rethinking Disciple-ship” Acts 1:1-9 Witnessing is the easiest thing in the world. We do it everyday in a most natural way. But witnessing about our faith is a very different story. Yet witnessing is at the heart of the Christian faith. And the lack of witnessing is why churches in America are closing every day and our children are leaving the faith we raised them in. So how can an introvert like me ever even think of sharing his faith with anyone?? I just don’t see myself as a good disciple.
  • September 29 “Rethinking Small Groups” Acts 2:1-4 I love the idea of small groups, but I don’t want to attend one. I only want to meet with people I like. I don’t want to study something I’m not interested in. I want to be able to get out of the group whenever I want without hurting feelings. Etc., etc., etc. So what do small groups have to do with sharing my faith?
  • October 6 (World Communion Sun-day) “Embracing Individuality” Matthew 9:13-23 Why are there so many denominations in Christianity? It takes all kinds to reach all kinds! So why aren’t all kinds being reached? Because some kinds can’t reach out like other kinds and so don’t reach out at all. What’s the answer?

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