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  • faithweaverfriendscolor Sunday School is back! - Ames UMC invites Children to FaithWeaver Friends -- Where Fun and Friends Come Together! - "We're rolling out an entirely new Sunday school," says Toni Marr, "FaithWeaver Friends is a family-friendly weekly program for kids age 5 through fifth grade. - Every Sunday between 10:00 and 12:15, we'll sing upbeat songs, play cooperative games, make tasty treats, creat special projects, and explore the Bible in wild and wacky ways. It's great fun, and if you're a kid, you're invited!" - FaithWeaver Friends runs throughout the school year, and enrollment for this quarter is open now. For information, call Toni at... More →
  • Revolution Student Ministries Revolution Student Ministries - Revolution Student Ministries weekly programming is beginning Sunday morning, September 7th, at 10 a.m. with Morning Revolution. The first and last ten minutes of this time feature hanging out with friends. For the rest of the time, we will have an inductive Bible study and discussion for our most committed youth. Later that day, we have a big kickoff of Evening Revolution with entire families invited to come with their youth. A dinner will be served at 6 p.m. sharp. This will be followed by a group activity, a youth service, and small group dis-cussions with Jr. and Sr. High separated, boys and girls separated. Parents will also have the opportunity to meet with Jesse Karls to ask questions and discuss some of the ministry changes being implemented this year. This kickoff event will feature an interview with Brian Cole (pictured right) of Heritage High School, who has been labeled the best football player in the state by the Detroit News, a top 100 player in the country by ESPN, and future Michigan Wolverine. The discussion will focus on living for Jesus Christ wherever you happen to be, with special focus on sports and the public schools. Steppin' Up will take place every Wednesday from 3:30 to 6 p.m. with dinner provided. The Drive Ministry will also meet weekly from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. on... More →
  • 41+zSJE+H1L The Real Secret - The Chapel Belles Women's group will meet Sunday, Sept. 7th in the chapel. All women are invited to go with author Nancy Kennedy on a humorous, enlightening and spiritual trip as we examine the lies that bind us from our God who frees us. - We will be using Nancy’s book "MOVE OVER VICTORIA - I KNOW THE REAL SECRET". Interesting discussion to be sure, prayer, and always a "belly buster" for good health. All this as you enjoy a cup of coffee & a sweet. - Books available in class-$5 - Join us in the chapel at 10... More →
  • ephesians-5-1-2 Pastor's Challenge - I would encourage us all to read through the entire book of Ephesians - at least once each week during this series, which will conclude on Novem-ber 23. Ephesians is only six chapters in length so you could read a chapter each day, Monday through Saturday, take Sunday off, then repeat the read-ing pattern the following week. Or you could easily read it all in one day - it only takes 20 minutes to read it from start to... More →
  • The Ten Commandments A Few of God’s People - A Few of God’s People - --Lori Eberling, NLD co-leader - The NLD (Nominations, Leadership, and Development) Team needs a few “God-loving/Ames-serving” people. We are looking for people who have some of these spiritual gifts: - Servanthood - Encouragement - Discernment - Wisdom - Shepherding - Teaching - Leadership Administration - Apostleship - Helping - Giving - Evangelism. - We want to fill just seven positions for the coming year. If you don’t know your spiritual gifts, we have a survey available to identify them….or you may know what area you are gifted in and God is leaning you toward. Please pray about this. The next NLD meeting to discuss nominations will be on Tues-day, September 9th at 7:00 p.m. Posi-tion openings are on the NLD Team ( meets every other month), the SPRC ( meets monthly), and the Board Of Trustees ( meets monthly). If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Pastor Scott or... More →
  • Pressing the Limits Pressing the Limits - Ames recently sent a group of ten youth to an event with three other Saginaw area youth groups to watch "Pressing the Limits" perform amazing feats of strength and give glory to our great God! Pictured are Josiah Karls and Josh Duby of Ames with Mr. 22" biceps himself (my biceps are measured at 11"). I'm posing with a frying pan that was rolled up with bare hands. Pretty... More →
  • Handbell-Choir Looking for more Ding-a-lings - There will be an opportunity to learn to ring bells on Sept. 4th at 5:30p.m. if there is enough inter-est. You are not committing to ringing in the bell choir by coming to this learning session. This is just a time to see if ringing handbells is something you would enjoy. Please call Bev Heitkamp (792-9517) by Sept. 2nd if you would like to give it a... More →
  • A Clean Kitchen A clean kitchen - When the kitchen was checked recently, both dirty and clean dishes were found left in the sink and on counters by previous users. There were also buckets of water in the sink and food and paper products on the counters. - Everyone who uses the kitchen is expected to clean up after themselves which includes: - Clean stovetop, countertops and sinks - Wash, dry and put away any dishes and utensils used - Put away any paper products or groceries you are leaving. Date any food you put in the refrigerator. - Sign the “kitchen use” form located by the phone each time you use the kitchen - Thank you. Your cooperation is much appreciated by our custodian, kitchen committee and especially by the person using the kitchen after... More →
  • Sunshine Garden's Produce Sunshine Garden’s produce - These cabbages and tomatoes were recently picked from the Ames Sunshine Community Gardens by a per-son in need in our neighborhood. This year’s crop of weeds are as bad as they have ever been, but the neighborhood continues to find food and it's the garden is still making a difference. It looks like we should have plenty of tomatoes coming in early September, espe-cially in the garden across State Street. - Cabbage and collards are ready for picking now. Feel free to help... More →
  • Whats God been doing What’s God been doing? - I really should write a book about all the God-sightings I've been blessed to have in my life. The most recent one happened in church Sunday, August 21, when someone out of the blue handed me some cash with a handshake. I thanked him without looking at the amount and said we would use it for a youth event on Friday night, August 26, which is costing our youth group $100 (a lot of money when finances are tight). When I finally took the time to count how much money was in the wad of bills, I found . . . $100 exactly! The giver had no idea we were in need of the money. - Thank you God for showing off Your sovereignty and thank you for Your provision once again during difficult times! God is... More →
  • drive1 Ride and Drive - Some of the faces of those blessed by the Ride and Drive ministries of Ames United Methodist Church recently. Thank you for your donations. We are down to our final three bikes to give away and are in need of computer mice for the Drive ministry. Thank you so much for your donations. People are coming to Christ through them, being empowered, getting to work, getting to school, and paying the gifts forward. To God be the glory! NOTE: God has given away 181 bikes and 402 computers through these ministries. Year to date in 2014, there have been 157 computers and 51 bikes going out the church doors through the ministries. If there are others at Ames or even outside of Ames who are interested in helping, please get them in touch with Jesse Karls, Robbie Leiner, or Nate... More →
  • Scrapping Scrapping - A side-effect ministry of the Ride and Drive Ministries is donat-ing accumulated scrap metal to two active scrappers at Ames for them to recycle and turn in to much-needed income. If you ever find yourself with a large amount of valuable metal around the house that you would like to see removed, please contact Ames Church or Jesse Karls.... More →
  • Sun. School craft supplies Sunday School Supplies Needed! - Hello Ames Friends, - Our new Sunday school program is going to need a few more items to help get our year off to a good start. Please find it in your heart to look over the list and contribute whatever possible. At this point we only have basics and are in need of most of the oddities. Please contact Toni Marr (Educational Facilitator) @ 989-295-6584. - Download list in PDF:MASTER SUPPLY LIST (download here) - Master Supply List Page 1 - Master Supply List Page... More →
  • building-fund-flyer Ames Building Fund What is it? - ... More →



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“Called to remain in the city of Saginaw, Ames UMC is a thriving Christian community committed to Jesus Christ and to each other, applying our faith through words and works for the transformation of lives and the revival of the city, all to the glory of God”