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  • Restored to Glorysq RTG Dancers - Restored to Glory will hold their annual worship on Friday,May 6 and Saturday, May 7 at St. Martin LutheranChurch in Birch Run. The Ames dancers will beparticipating. Tickets are only $5 for an evening likenone others. Please see Abby Karls, Emma Van Buren,Madison Binder, Jackie Isom, Jen Karls, RobertaHelpap, or myself for tickets or more... More →
  • Leadership Trainingsq Spiritual Directors Training Meeting Event - The spiritual Directors have scheduled a training event for Saturday May 21, from 9 to 11 am. We will use another video session from last year’s Global Leadership Summit and discuss it as a group using the processing questions from GLS. We will also present more details about a growth pathway as a vision to focus and direct Ames going forward into the future. - Anyone serving in any ministry area is welcome to attend, but ministry leaders are especially encouraged to attend. Please be keeping this meeting in prayer. - --- Pastor... More →
  • attic treasures sale 2 SQ Don’t Throw It Out! - If you've been cleaning out your house and garage and want to get rid of items that are still useful, don’t just throw them out! Put them aside and donate them to our annual Attic Treasures Sale, May 14, 9 am - 2 pm. We will accept any household items including furniture and appliances. Children’s toys, books, puzzles, jewelry and even lawn care items are good too. No clothing, please - that is one thing we do not sell at this event. -... More →
  • 3171792_orig Wake Up America - National Day of Prayer will be held on Thursday, - May 5th (12:00- 12:45pm) at Saginaw Township - Hall, 4980 Shattuck Road. This is when we as Christians gather to pray for America. Please join us for this important event. Weather permitting, the event will take place outdoors, on the front porch by the flag pole. Rain location is inside the township hall, board room, on the lower level. Questions, please call Nicole Lee at 989-7972141. - --- Charee... More →
  • 3ae98ccd Miracle Upon Miracle - On Saturday April 23, I took my 3 grandsons to the Michigan State spring football game in East Lansing. You might say it was a miracle that this Michigan Alum went to an MSU game. But that miracle doesn’t count. - On Sunday morning I awoke with a hoarse voice, most likely from cheering and yelling with my grandsons at the MSU game. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to sing a solo with the Chorus Singers at the 8:45 am worship service. I actually could somewhat sing it with difficulty and a crackling voice, but and octave lower. - The words to the song - “ My Whole Life I Give To You”-- really reflected my life, and the song was perfect for the new members joining that day, and it connected with Pastor Scott’s sermon on discipline- “ Keep The Main - Thing The Main Thing.” - So I was quite distraught. I prayed about it, the called Gena Amos, the pianist and leader of the group, and then gargled with warm salty water. - Two miracles happened. First, my voice partially returned. Then Gena was able to transpose the music lower so I could reach the notes. Gena’s miracle is actually a gift that she has, but I see that gift as a miracle. - A pretty full house witnessed this miracle at the 8:45 am service, and they probably were unaware that it was a miracle. My voice is not naturally a solo voice, but is better suited to blend with other voices. I stood in awe as God controlled my voice and I lost myself in the song. To God be the glory. - --- Mark... More →
  • drive2 No One Is Like Our God.. - By God’s grace and for His glory alone, we were able to give away our 1,000th computer through youth - led Drive Ministry as Ames. Thank you everyone for your prayers, donations, and helping with marketing by getting the word out and sharing posts like this one. This really is a miracle that testifies to God’s existence and goodness. Wow! - --- Jesse... More →
  • IMG_2469sq Music To Our Ears - Ames congregation would like to take thistime to thank all the many people who have blessed us with special music in our Sunday services. - Thank you to theJoy Bells, gospel Choir, worship Team and the Chorus Singers and the leaders for all of the many wonderful pieces you have blessed us with this year. We will hold you in our prayers as you take a much needed break this summer. You all have blessed us so much and we look forward to hearing form you again in the fall. Thanks - ---- Scott... More →
  • Family PortraitsSQ Smile - We need you to make our family complete. During the week of May 24th-28th, Life Touch Photography will be here to take photos. - Appointment times will be available Tuesday - Friday from 2:00 - 8:00pm and on Saturday from 10:00am - 5 pm. New this year, online scheduling is available. If you prefer, someone from the team will be able to schedule your appointment. Details to follow, watch the bulletin and pre/post services slides for more information. - --Charee... More →
  • Picture1 Sunshine Garden - Anyone interested in being extremely active on a team that would bring new life to the Sunshine Community Gardens in the Ames neighborhood? For years, we were giving 1,000 pounds or more of produce to people in need. There was also some success in seeing it bring the community together, but it's a lot of work. Leadership at Ames is open to supporting the garden ministry again if there is more support from the congregation. If interested, please contact Jesse Karls or the church office. Planting, watering, weeding, and communication/outreach are all needed for it to be vibrant once again. Thanks! - --- Jesse... More →
  • Communications Corner Communications Corner - The Church Council, which includes the Facilitators and Spiritual Directors Board, was present at this month’s Ministry Team meeting. After the meeting was opened with a devotional, song and prayer time, Pastor Scott presented what the SDB has been working on. The Ames Spiritual Growth Pathway program includes: Planted in Christ (Psalm 34:8, 2 Corinthians 15:7), Rooted in Christ (Colossians 2:6-7), Fruitful for Christ (John 15:8), and Surrendered to Christ (Galatians 2:20). The Communications Team will be working with The SDB to create communiqués and displays related to the goal/vision. - Trustees- The Boy Scouts have requested permission for more space in the church to allow them to start a Cub Scout pack. Currently there is no Cub Scout pack in the city. After discussion, it was unanimously approved by the Church Council. - A bid has been received and plans are underway to replace the floor in the kitchen late this summer. - Outreach– The Member Care Team is working on a farewell celebration for Pastor Scott, Jill, and Lauren. - Education - We have been approached to become a church partner for the annual Willow Creek Leadership Summit. After discussion, it was decided that we will consider this for next year. - Worship- Palm Sunday and Holy week services were a huge success. - Areas of need are: head usher (second service), communion leader, technical assistants for sound and lighting and Courtesy Team. - New LED lights have been purchased for the soffits, allowing for softer lighting. - Administration– The old logo is being phased out; church stationary and envelopes are complete. - SPRC has met and received their staff assignments. - Youth- Jesse has been approached to offer a summer lunch program. There are still some unanswered questions. It was proposed that we conditionally approve this project upon obtaining yes answers to two remaining questions. The Drive Ministry has expanded to Shield of Faith Church in... More →
  • graduation-sundaysq Graduation Sunday - Congratulations graduates! Your home church is extremely proud of you and we want to celebrate your big accomplishment with you! Graduation Sunday at Ames is scheduled for June 5th. We ask that you submit 5 to 8 photos of yourself that we could feature in a slideshow of our graduates. We ask that at least one photo be a baby picture and another be a graduation picture if you have these. We also ask that you supply us with a graduation picture 8x10 so we can place on the cake table. We would like you to pick which service (or both services) on June 5th and notify us which one(s) you plan to attend. - Finally, we ask that you be available for a meet and greet between services at 9:50 am. If you arrive at that time, people leaving the first service and people arriving for the second service will both have an opportunity to congratulate you and have some refreshments. We hope to get a picture of you during this time between services. There will be a time in the service where you will be asked to come up front to be recognized, and we pray over you. - --- Charee... More →
  • email_marketing_newsletter_shopify_ecommerce_software_blogsq Newsletter Reminder - Any articles you would like me to place in our monthly newsletters have to be in the office to me by the 20th of each month. - -- Charee... More →
  • 04 Neighborhood Festival 2015 Neighborhood Fest - Neighborhood Fest meeting 7 pm May 9th at Ames. Anyone is invited to come and help plan this event. - -—Amy... More →
  • Faith based Christian Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program | Christ-Centered Thank You, Thank You Congregation! - First quarter giving was a generous $87,000, which was equal to 25% of our annual budget. This is the first time this has happened in the five years I have been here. Unfortunately, spending in the first quarter exceeded the budgeted amount by $1,500, so we are still accepting donations. In other financial news, the movie “Greater” is up to 50% of it's funding goal and has completed 70% of the filming. Praise be to God ! - --- Lauren... More →
  • Pray-to-Invoke-the-Holy-Spirit-Step-15 A Daily Prayer - I declare that God has a purpose for my life. I declare that every strategy of hell that has interrupted God’s plan for my life will be exposed. I declare that every hindrance that has stopped me from progressing will be revealed and that I will advance in God’s plan for my life. I declare my faith will be stirred. I declare new strength will come into my body and my spirit. I declare that the wilderness will blossom and that God’s glory will be seen in my life. I declare that the best is yet ahead. - ---Maggie... More →
  • Drive logo 2015sq Haiti School Project Spotlight: Turning Faith into Action - Special recognition goes to the Ames United Methodist Church of Saginaw for their support and computer laptop contribution to the Haiti School Project as several laptops were hand-delivered to the Baudin Secondary School outside of Cap Haitian. Their computer ministry is a wonderful example of creativity and youth participation. - --- Jesse... More →


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“Called to remain in the city of Saginaw, Ames UMC is a thriving Christian community committed to Jesus Christ and to each other, applying our faith through words and works for the transformation of lives and the revival of the city, all to the glory of God”