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  • giving 6 Month Report - Your 6 month giving statements are available in the lower lobby according to the June finance report, pledged giving is up and we are grateful for your support. But expenses were also up due to the hard winter and expense totals exceeded giving totals by $14,000. Please continue to give through the summer and if you are behind in giving, please try to catch up. Thank... More →
  • Announcements_All-003-N Fest1 AMES NEIGHBORHOOD FEST Saturday, July 26, 4-7 pm - Food, games, live music, pony rides and lots more! - Shh...don't tell. I'm disguised as a chicken to sneak over to the annual Ames Neighborhood Fest. They serve those delicious BBQ Pork sandwiches and I'm just playing it save in case they run short. It's just too much fun to miss! - Cluck, cluck! - Arnold... More →
  • Lindenbergs Meet the Lindenbergs - Hello Ames Church family, - I’m excited to be your new pastor, and I look forward to working together with you in the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. It will take some time for me to get to know all of you, but let me share a little about myself and my family. - I grew up in farm country East of Bay City, and attended Wisner UMC from an early age. My wife Jill grew up in the Thumb near Pigeon, and attended Hayes UMC, which her great grandfather built. We both learned the value of hard work at an early age as we worked on farms. As a teenager I began working at my family’s business – Lindy’s Sales. When I got my driver’s license the world opened up and I drifted away from the church. Jill and I met when we were 17 and became High School sweethearts. We married five years later, and we were both focused on work and enjoying our free time, so we had very little focus on God. I was still working at Lindy’s and Jill was working for Second National bank in Saginaw. - When we had our first child, God used that life-event to get my attention. I questioned whether the life I was living mattered – whether it was something I would want to pass on to my children. I decided it wasn’t, so I started to attend church again. At first I was there, but not fully open to God – I gave God that one hour on Sunday morning and I was in control of the rest. But one day I was in Sunday worship and Mark 8:34 was read, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.’ I remember thinking, ‘I’m a hypocrite. I’m singing songs and listening to Scripture that talk about surrendering everything to God, but I’m not willing to deny myself. I’ve either got to quit going to church or start living what I’m hearing.’ So I decided to try to follow Jesus, and that’s when my life really changed. - Jill and I got involved in small groups, began to lead a Sunday school class, and worked with the mid-week youth program. I got involved in our church’s praise band (I play guitar and sing). I also felt like I needed a change in jobs, so I went back to school and got an engineering degree from SVSU (Jill also graduated from SVSU). I then started working at Steering Gear, which was in the process of changing to Delphi Steering. We had our third child at that time, so we have Spencer (26) Parker (24) and Lauren (16). - While I was at Delphi I felt that God might be calling me to some kind of fulltime Christian ministry. So we moved to Kentucky, where I attended Asbury Theological Seminary. While I was there I was student-pastor of a small church called Mt. Beulah UMC. When I graduated from seminary we were appointed to Wesley UMC in the Upper Peninsula, where we have been for the last eight years. We really enjoyed the people at Wesley and the beauty of the UP, and being honorary Yoopers. But it will be very nice to be back closer to our families. - My passion for ministry is two-fold: to see people make the transition from being church members to becoming active disciples of Jesus, and to see the church bring the Kingdom of God to life in the surrounding community by reaching out in love to our neighbors. I am so excited to see all the ways that Ames is already doing that. Being a country-boy I’ll have some things to learn about urban ministry, but I like learning new things, so I’m excited about that. - Jill is currently working with a program that brings foreign exchange students to the US, and has worked as a substitute teacher. Our oldest son, Spencer got married last October and bought a house in Kochville Township. He works at Thumb National Bank in Bay City and his wife Jenna works at Glasstender in Saginaw. Parker is currently working as a park ranger at Olympic National Park in Washington. Spencer and Parker both enjoy hiking, bicycling and backpacking. Lauren will be a junior at Heritage High School. Jill and I enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and I am an avid bicyclist. - One thing I need to address is our summer vacation. We have had exchange students for the last six years, and last summer we started planning a trip to visit several of them. We worked travel details out last fall, and we booked airline tickets in January to get the best possible fare, thinking there was no way we would be reappointed this year. About two weeks later we got the call, so we are going to be gone July 13 and 20. It’s not the ideal time for a vacation, and if we knew we were going to be reappointed we wouldn’t have scheduled the trip, but Jesse Karls will preach the two Sundays I’m gone, so you’re in good hands. - That’s a little about us. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing your stories as well. - Pictured above: Parker, Scott, Lauren, Spencer, Jill hiking at??? - Pictured below: Pastor Scott and Jill celebrating Parker and... More →
  • building-fund-flyer Ames Building Fund What is it? - ... More →


Saturday, July 26,

4-7 pm.

Join us for our Neighborhood Festival. Admission is free except for Arnold who is reciting his last prayers already.

Middle White piglet

There will be fun, games, music, fellowship and food! See you there!



We know it can be a little unnerving to step into a new thing, especially when you’re not exactly sure about the details that matter to you. If you have any questions about Ames Church, this is a great place to look around and find out more or you can email us at:

Ames is a multi-cultural church located in the heart of Saginaw, working to serve the Lord through our community.  With a passion to see the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ renew our lives and flood our city, we are diligently seeking God’s truth, His refuge and His vision for Saginaw.

Please join us to see what the Lord has in store for you!


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8:45 Traditional worship music

10:00 Small groups & coffee

11:00 Contemporary worship music


“Called to remain in the city of Saginaw, Ames UMC is a thriving Christian community committed to Jesus Christ and to each other, applying our faith through words and works for the transformation of lives and the revival of the city, all to the glory of God”