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  • Sunday School SQ Back to School Reminder - Remember that all Bibles classes, including Jr.Church, will start up again September 11th, at their regular times. Please contact Toni Marr forquestions concerning the children’s area, Carol Labrake and Tom Welsh with questions about the adult Bible studies. Also please keep in mind Pastor Doug will also lead a weeknight Bible study this Fall, more details on that to follow. - —- Education... More →
  • Garden Harvest SQ Garden Harvest - Vegetables are ready for picking in the garden. We have Peppers (green, banana, jalapeño), lettuce, collards, radishes, zucchini, and tomatoes. Please help yourself. - -Cathy... More →
  • Kitchen Closed SQ Attention - The kitchen will be closed from August 21st September 1st so that workers can install a much needed new floor. Please keep this project in your prayers. -... More →
  • Backpacks for Kids SQ Backpacks - There is still a need for backpacks and school supplies for the kids. Please prayerfully consider helping out. We will be collecting the items until August 27. If you have any questions please contact Susan Martinez, 810-931-4450 or the church office. - —- Outreach... More →
  • Aim High 2016sq Aim High Basketball Camp - Nearly 60 students attended the 11th annual Aim High Basketball Camp with many students making commitments to Christ, having fun, and becoming better basketball players. The Aim High Basketball Camp in Flint will be happening on August 19th! Please be praying, and talk with Jesse if you want to go or help. - Pictured above are the students practicing new techniques that were taught that day. - Alyssa Pusgsley and Hope Jackson having a great time at basketball... More →
  • Farewell Partysw Thank You! - I want to thank the great people of Ames for the wonderful going-away party you held for Jill and I. I was deeply touched by the kind words you shared, both in person, and in cards and letters. It was an honor to be your pastor for two years. I learned a lot from you, the beautiful people of Ames, about faithfulness and loving our neighbors as our-selves. Thanks to all who contributed to the going-away gifts. It was an unexpected blessing that helped with moving expenses. You certainly didn’t need to do that, but we appreciate your generosity. - Thank you to everyone who was there to share in the day (I know some of you want-ed to be there but had other commitments and you expressed your appreciation for my ministry in other ways, and I thank you for that as well). A special thanks goes to Mark Campbell , Charee Clark, and Brittany and Rodney Bruning for organizing the event, to Alonzo and Tonya Jackson, Dianna Wright, Sharon Hasse, and anyone else who helped with cooking and preparing for the meal, and to Jennifer Karls, Kurt and Lori Welsh, and Ron Goodrich, and George Reed for helping to clean and prepare the parsonage for pas-tor Doug and Peggy’s arrival. I may have missed someone who had a significant role in the going-away party. If I did, I’m sorry. Know that I appreciate what you did. The day was a bit of a blur with all the emotions of a final Sunday swirling in my head and heart. - Once again thank you to everyone at Ames. You are a beautiful, loving and welcoming church family. - God’s richest blessings, - Pastor Scott and... More →
  • Prayer Room Prayer Room - Come and check out our new prayer room. The prayer room is open, but some finishing touches still need to be made. You are welcome to come and spend some time meeting God week days from 9 am to 3 pm and on Sundays from 8 am to 1 pm. A great big thank you goes out to our design team: Mark & Sandy Karls, Sid & Carol Labrake, Jenn Karls, Scott & Charee Clark, George Reed and Tony Mocny for all their hard work and efforts putting this room together. Please be lifting up in prayer all those who come into this room to meet with God. - --- Prayer... More →
  • Communications Corner Communications Corner - Update from the Facilitator’s meeting July 12th. - Outreach: - Neighborhood Fest went very well and was well attended. Will have wrap up meeting. Plans are underway for the CROP walk in October. - Spiritual Growth: The Global Leadership Summit is August 11 & 12 in Midland. - After reviewing the recent survey taken, discussed possible classes and mentor training - Trustees: - The floor in the kitchen will be replaced in August. - Received landscape plan for the Genesee and Hanchett Streets side of the church. Will be replaced this fall. - The parsonage roof needs to be replaced. - We are out for bids at this time. - Worship: - Upgrade to service visuals (screen and lighting) will be done after the kitchen floor. - Looking for Courtesy Team leader. - Administration: - In the final stages of our church website redesign. - Working with all ministry areas to complete new Welcome Center brochure. - Will be ready for September. - Youth: - Jesse was absent from the meeting, enjoying a much deserved... More →
  • From The Pastors Desk SQ From the Pastor’s Desk - I recently read an article in “Table Talk” magazine, published by R.C. Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries, about legalism. He warns us that nothing can choke the heart and soul out of walking with God like legalism, so I offer this story about Hans the tailor who had a good reputation as a tailor. An influential entrepreneur ordered a tailor-made suit from Hans, but when he picked up his suit, the customer found one sleeve twisted that way and the other this way; one shoulder bulged out and the other caved in. He pulled on the suit and managed to make his body fit. He returned home on the bus, and another passenger noticed his odd appearance and asked if Hans the tailor had made the suit. Receiving an affirmative reply, the man remarked, "Amazing”! I knew that Hans was a good tailor, but I had no idea he could make a suit fit so perfectly someone as deformed as you." Apparently Hans’ work was acceptable to everyone, no matter if it was faulty or not. - Often that is just what we do in the church. We get some idea of what the Christian faith should look like. Then we push and shove people into the most grotesque configurations until they fit. We become legalists in our doctrine and theology, which results in judgment. If we want to demean someone in the church, we simply have to use the word legalist when speaking to or about that per-son. Name calling often ensues because someone in the church believes that another has said or done something that cuts across Christian liberty. Legalism is defined as an at-tempt to add anything to the finished work of Christ. Legalism is defined as an attempt to add anything to the finished work of Christ. It is to trust in anything other than Christ and his finished work for ones standing before God. - We must guard against carelessly tossing around a charge of legalism, and we must understand that legalism is alive and well in our churches today. Doctrinal legalism can creep into our minds by being deceived into believing that our standing before God will depend on what we achieve in the flesh. We can foolishly fall into the trap of imagining that it is entirely up to us to finish what God has begun. In doing so we then forbid what God has not forbidden and command what He has not commanded. We blind our-selves to a standard of external holiness to which God has not bound us in His Word. Man-made rules and regulations put a limit on what God will do in our lives. The Jewish community had 613 laws that governed their being and doing. Living by so many laws, the Jews were bound to strict adherence to the law, losing sight of the free grace that is offered by God’s love. - Galatians 2:20-21 reads: and it is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. And the life in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. I do not nullify the grace of God: for if justification comes through the law, then Christ died for nothing. - The grace of God is the only cure for doctrinal and practical legalism. When we recognize this in our lives, we must flee to Christ. As we do, we begin to grow in Christ who died to heal us of our tendency to trust in our won works or achievements. - We need to be reminded daily about the grace that is offered by God. Only then can we joyfully pursue holiness. Only then will we love God’s law without attempting to keep it for our justification before Him. Only then will we be set free from legalism. - In His Grip, - Pastor... More →
  • Praying-Hands-Christian-Stock-Image Answered Prayers - “Once again, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your prayers for my daughter. Just days before my daughter and her husband were to come to Michigan for my granddaughter’s wedding, my daughter’s husband was awakened in the middle of the night to my daughter’s cry of pain. Realizing the severity of her pain, he took her to the nearest hospital, only to be told they had no room for her in their emergency room and no one was available to assess what her problem might be. He then drove her to another hospital a little farther away, and that staff immediately assessed the seriousness of her condition. Within minutes they called a surgeon in, and she was rushed into the OR. It seems she had a bleeding, perforated ulcer that was allowing poisonous fluids into her stomach. - Following a recent checkup with her surgeon, his words to her were, “You certainly are one blessed young woman. A few more minutes and you wouldn’t be here. You were touch and go not only before your surgery but also for the next couple of days. You must have had an awful lot of good people praying for you.” - She certainly did have a lot of people praying for her not only here in Michigan, but also in Alabama, Wisconsin, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the list goes on. Subsequently they have found that the hole in her stomach that they repaired surgically is healing well, and she also has a second ulcer that is also beginning to heal. - As I went on and attended my granddaughter’s wedding I was once again reminded of how GREAT is the GOD we serve. Although I was sad not to have my daughter and her husband here to celebrate with us, I was grateful beyond words and reduced to tears as I watched my son escort his daughter down the aisle and was reminded of all the prayers that brought him through his recent bout with cancer. Yes, he still continues to have checkups every two months, but each report to date has been glowingly positive. How anyone can not - believe in the power of prayer is beyond... More →
  • 6a00e5500bca248834017615a5cd85970c-800wi MORE Answered Prayers - “Recently our daughter Hope wanted to attend SpringHill Christian Camp. In order for her to go she needed a scholarship because of the high cost of the camp. When we went to apply for the scholarship, we were told that Hope didn't meet the criteria and would have to attend a non-Christian camp. We were not okay with that, so we asked if we could at least fill out the application. We were told that we could, but not to get our hopes up because we would probably be denied. Well, we submitted the application and prayed. We prayed hard and gave it to God. The very next day, we received the phone call saying that the application had been approved!!!! God is awesome!!! God answered our prayers and he will answer yours too!!” - -- Tonya... More →
  • picnic-basket Women's’ Picnic - Our United Methodist Women’s fall kickoff picnic is Wednesday, August 17th, at 11 am. All women are welcome to come. Please bring a dish to pass, everything else will be provided. The picnic is at Lake View Park on Lawndale and McCarty Rds. Directions will be provided on Sunday, August 14th, in the lower lobby. If you get lost, please call 220-7257. Hope to see you there! - --- UMW... More →
  • Surf_Shack_LOGO Amazing VBS - The Lord was so faithful to us during Vacation Bible School a couple weeks ago. We all had a wonderful time, and many great things happened! We had 47 children who came to Surf Shack VBS. 22 of them were from Ames. Of those 22, they invited 7 cousins and 6 friends. Twelve children were from our neighborhood, with 8 of their parents signing up at the Neighborhood Fest held the Saturday before. We were also blessed to have 40 volunteers. Nine of the volunteers were pre-teens, and 10 of the adult leaders were first time Ames VBS volunteers! Also 5 of them were... More →
  • Backpacks for Kids SQ Back Packs & School Supplies - We will start collecting back packs and school supplies August 7th through the 28th. A sign-up sheet will also be available for children who need these items to go back to school in the fall. In the lower lobby you will find the list of supplies needed to help fill these pack packs for the students, and as always any donations would be appreciated. Thank you for your continued support each year to help our children. Any questions, please contact Susan Martinez at 810-931-4450. - --- Local... More →
  • office-work-things-picjumbo-com Membership Secretary Wanted - Regretfully, I am stepping away from theMembership Secretary position here at Ames. Sincegetting the administrative position, my plate isreally full.I have found it very rewarding to work in this positionfor the last several years. Basically you woulddo all the paperwork involved in transferring memberships.It’s not a hard job at all and it requiresvery little work. If interested in filling this role,please contact me, and I would be happy to answerany questions. - --- Charee... More →
  • ComeAndSee Answered Prayers - Our daughter, who you have so lovingly prayed for in regard to glaucoma, went to the eye doctor last week. She called just after her appointment, excited to tell us there was NO glaucoma! I explained to her what a huge answer to prayer this was! She responded by asking me to express her gratitude for your prayers. So thank you “Ames” for praying! It’s the only answer to our many problems. Please, continue to pray for the healing of her MS. We're all grateful for your dedication to prayer. - Thank You For Praying! - ---Bill & Marlene... More →


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